A true American hero!

KangaROOS has been around since 1979. It exists all because of one man: Bob Gamm. It’s safe to say he was addicted to jogging – he ran 10K laps on a daily basis! But one thing annoyed him. Where should he put his keys?

This is how a moment of inspiration occurs. Bob Gamm went straight away and created KangaROOS, shoes with a smart pocket where you can carry small everyday items! The rest, as they say, is history.

The shoes with more than pockets.

Few shoes have been more applauded. So many American athletes have endorsed the brand that it has become a part of the American psyche – and it’s not just because of the pockets! The shoes have been participant of NFL, NBA, NHL and MBL. Add a collaboration with NASA that resulted in the famous Dynacoil® sole, and the longtime relationship with Walter “Sweetness” Payton and you’ll see there is much more to KangaROOS than just the shoes.

It’s the original shoes with pockets, made by heroes – for heroes.