In 2009 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of KangaROOS, a brand that represents landmarks in trainer history.

KangaROOS history

1969 -1979: Bill Rogers achieves a record win at the Boston City marathon. As a result, the jogging craze takes off. American architect, Bob Gamm was getting frustrated with where he should keep his loose change and keys whilst out for his daily 10k run. He developed a pair of athletic shoes containing a small zippered pocket to hold those all important belongings. The original shoes with pockets was thus created.

It soon became clear that Bob wasn’t the only runner out there with pockets on his mind. By 1980 this revolutionary design was selling 700,000 a month in the States.

Eager to improve the original design, former Nike designer, Ray Tonkel created the Dynacoil to maximise performance of athletes. Tested and approved by NASA, several other trainer manufacturers would go on to incorporate this design into the making of their own products.

KangaROOS 1979–1989: Wall Of Fame


With running intact, KangaROOS turned
to basketball. The classic style of the sneakers
was an instant hit with players, pioneered by
Clyde Drexler. And with the NBA‘s street
credibility, ROOS soon became a must-have
icon of street culture.


Major League baseball standouts Ozzie Smith,
Vince Coleman and Ron Darling were also among
the pros playing their trade in ‘KangaROOS gear.


Football personalities, OJ Anderson and William
Perry also took to wearing ROOS. Winner of the
Super Bowl XX with the 1985 Chicago Bears
and two NFL Player of the Year Awards,
Walter Payton aka ‘Sweetness’ worked closely
with the brand. His product line of KangaROOS
was a great success and he was famously
rewarded with a new Lamborghini.


KangaROOS 1989-1999: Going global


At its success, the brand offered consumers an expanded array of footwear choices and began to introduce apparel and accessories into their line. Furthermore, as a result of growing international interest, KangaROOS effectively launched itself into Europe and beyond.

KangaROOS 1999-Current

Today, KangaROOS sells product to over 60 countries worldwide, which now includes China, Japan and Mexico. Despite the brand’s pressure to adapt to the diverse global leisure, outdoor and fashion markets,the underlying sports heritage of
the name stills remains untouched, authentic and
famously original.